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The company' s products consist of building projects. The current project is Enggårdsgade in Aalborg city. This building project is a concept, where the existing house was damaged and required demolition and sequering the underground before architect plans was made for a new house.

The first building project of the company was the twin house at Kielersvej 1 and 3. This was a project consisting of redecorating the outside of the twin house back to an aesthetic whole, while restoring the inside of the two houses into 7 apartments in all.


The second building project the company undertook was in Jyllandsgade in Aalborg City. This project was renovating the loft of the building into apartments.


The third project was Borgergade 32B in Aalborg City. This building project was restoring the building, which is a building for offices and owner apartments.


The fourth and largest project for the company is Roerdal Erhvervspark, which consists of small and medium sized businesses and private enterprises. Where the company's objective is to increase the value of the Rørdal Erhvervspark. 

  Latest News

    •  We are currently working on a project in Enggårdsgade in the city of Aalborg, Denmark.

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  •  We have recently finished a project of restoring a twin house with 7 apartments in all.

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    • Our most recent business objective is a business trip to China to initiate contact and develop business relationships with Chinese companies involved in the building industry.


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